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  • Azteeg 3D Printer Controller
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Azteeg 3D Printer Controller


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The Azteeg 3DP is an open source controller designed to be used in RepRap 3D Printers and similar cartesian based machines including CNCs. It has all the features needed to run all current and future single extruder designs.

The Azteeg is based on Sanguino/Sanguinololu and is compatible with most Arduino based firmware(Sprinter,Marlin,Repetier, plus others.). It is pin to pin compatible with the Sanguinololu with the addition of a FAN PIN. The Azteeg features mostly SMT parts to ease production and reduce cost.



Atmel ATmega 644P with FT232RL FTDI USB chip

Compatible with Sprinter, Marlin, Repetier, others.

High current capacity connectors and PCB traces.

Mosfet control for 1 extruder and 1 hotbed

Extra PWM control for small fan or LEDs

3 end stops and 2 thermistor inputs

12-30v input high efficiency switching Power supply @ 500ma max

Dedicated uSD card female header [SDRAMPS compatible]

Low RDSon Mosfets for less heat buildup

Input power selector for micro controller [USB or internal regulator]

Secondary power input for stepper motors.

Optional pads for TVS spike suppression diodes for the Mosfets

Mosfet Heatsinks included

i2C, Tx1 serial, +5, GND, SPI and ADC pins on the expansion ports

Fast acting blade fuse

Both right angle and vertical connector sets included

Lots of LEDs, PWR, hot end and hot bed


For more information,please check out WIKI Page



Guide Azteeg

Sanguino Patch for Windows

Sanguino Patch for OSX

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  • Daniel Mar | 06/20/2014

    I have problem with endstop. The software don't see them (marlin,spriter, etc). There is a problem with de file pin.h. The pins for endstop are not defined corrected. I need the version of marlin that defined the correct pins for endstop. Do you have a version that recongnize the ensstop?

    • sean liu | 06/22/2014

      hi brother?i think maye be it‘s not mater with your firmware?May be your connecting is not correct?you can try to connect n&nc or n&no.here is our marlin:https://github.com/ErikZalm/Marlin/tags

  • Daniel Mar | 05/23/2014

    I have problem to load firmware. I use arduino 023, patch sanguinolu, OS windows. What is the problem? The boards comes out of bootloaded?

    • SEAN LIU | 05/24/2014 | GET Staff

      1.our boards comes out of bootloaded that for os windows 2.does your pc find the board'S drive?here is dirve?http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_download.html 3.here is the link to help you to know how to upload the firmware?http://wiki.solidoodle.com/update-firmware

  • ferdz reyes | 09/08/2013

    got two units of these. disappointed cause it doesnt come with a bootloader with it like the original. hope all your controller boards comes out bootloaded.

    • Chan Channa | 09/08/2013 | GET Staff

      thanks for your comment. which systerm do you use? our bootloader is supported by windows, not for linux systerm.