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  • Assembled peek J-Head Hot End long-distance with cable
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Assembled peek J-Head Hot End long-distance with cable


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This J-Head Hot End is assembled and designed based on other nozzle. It's very simple by reducing the number of custom machined parts to a bare minimum. The J-Head Hot End can easily and well interface with the most popular RepRap extruders.

The filament path is an already proven design, it can be used to print reliably with both ABS and PLA. If using PLA, it requires a small fan to provide air-flow through the cooling vents milled in the sides of the nozzle holder. Besides, the Hot End has another two advantages. Heat transmission is more efficiency as there is no thermal junction where a separate heater screws onto the nozzle. And a resistor is used as a heater. There is no need to wrap nichrome wire or to bake a heater core.


1.  interface with the most popular RepRap extruders.

2. highly efficient heat transmission.

3.  resistor play the role of a  resistor and the  heater.

4. adopts high-quality PEEK heat-insulated pipe and duralumin alloy nozzle, with Teflon heat-insulated pipe built in, which prevents blockage effectively and is easy to clean.

5. covered with anodic oxide coating, which can resist oxidation corrosion and increase nozzle hardness, thus ensuring finer and more stable printing.


Package list:

1 x Assembled peek J-Head Hot End long-distance with cable (Please Note:  Choose "Nozzle Size" and "Filament size" you want)


For more informstion, please kindly check wiki page.


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  • Anne Diel | 10/22/2018

    Can I use this Hot end for the A30 Printer? Thanks!

    • Jocelin Jia | 10/22/2018

      please send mails to victory.lei@geeetech.cn, thanks

  • Lee Kwok Wah | 12/15/2014

    item received in good condition.Thanks