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  • Assembled Me Creator: mini desktop 3D printer
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Assembled Me Creator: mini desktop 3D printer


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Are you longing for a 3D printer? Did you ever shrink from the printers in the market that is of daunting price more than once? No worries any more, our Me Creator is here to satisfy your craving.

Although the price of Me Creator is much more affordable than others, the quality is never the sacrifice of the price. We apply world-class manufacturing and engineering principles to the 3D printer. Built on steel-frame design, Me Creator stands for reliability and stoutness.


  • Creates plastic parts up to 150 x 150 x 150mm
  • Case footprint :300 x 290 x 300mm (L x W x H)
  • Uses 1.75mm plastic filament (ABS/PLA)
  • Heated Aluminum Build Platform with heated Bed
  • Adapt 2GT timing belt to ensure better printing precision (up to 0.1mm)
  • Thumbwheel calibration of platform height - no wrench required
  • Operating voltage: Input 110-240V, Output 12V
  • Weight:6.3 kg

    MK 8 functions as the main force in this refined team to ensure high-precession and flow printing:
    *Unique ceramic heat preservation cotton wrapping the heat carriage: Ensure stable heating and less power-consuming.
    *Direct filament transmission: Eliminate the massy gear, enhancing faster flow rate that saves your time and simplify the work.
    *100 micron layer resolution

    Main board:
    Sanguinololu v 1.3a is assigned as the brain of ME CREATOR for its popularity among the category. It features all-in-one design, supports plug-and-play, known for user- friendly and cost-effective.

    Build platform:
    Sand grinned oxidation aluminum plate enables higher stability and better adhesion, the heatbed underneath helps to prevent wrapping and rafts of prints, leaving no room for any flaws.

    Led stripe:
    Internally built-on LED strip enhances greater visibility to the printing process, making the printer appears more charming in the dark. You can adjust the brightness by manipulating its input/output voltage. Prevent accidental contact with heated or moving parts.

    Moreover, Me Creator is compatible with most OS such as Windows, Mac, & Linux, which allows Me Creator to be easy-to-use, multiple functions, all you need is just a computer and a power supply to enjoy the pure fun of making.

    Note that the standard / default control board is Reprap Sanguinololu, and the extruder is MK8 (filament diameter=1.75mm, nozzle=0.3mm).

    Get started from here.  We provide detailed instructions on the installation of drivers and software, the leveling of the print platform and some tips for general maintenance ect.

    please  refer here for more detaied introduction:



    Download and install the Repetier Host Installer

    For more information, please kindly check our wiki page

    *please choose express delivery shipping method for this product. 


    Print size ( X Y Z ):  150 x 150 x 150mm

    The Layer Thickness : 0.1mm

    Layer Resolution : 100 microns

    Chasis : powder-coated steel

    Printing Filament : PLA/ABS

    Filament Diameter: 1.75mm

    Nozzle Diameter: 0.3mm

    Maximum Print speed :  60~80mm/s

    Recommended Print speed: 40~ 60mm/s

    Print Plate Size : 152x152x3mm

    Print Plate (Build Platform) : Aluminum plate

    AC Input: 115V/1.5A or 230V/0.75A

    Power Requirements:  DC12V/15A

    Connectivity (Interface): USB SD card

    No.of Extruders: 1



    Operational Environment (recommended) : Windows, Mac, & Linux

    3D printing Software : Easy Print, Repetier Host

    CAD Input data file format supported :  .stl

    Client Operating System : Windows, Mac, & Linux


    1 x Me Creator.
    1 x Power supply (4A (12V 29A) ATX interface connection line).
    1 x USB Cord (150cm).
    1 x LCD 2004 controller.
    1 x spool holder.
    1 x Tool kit (a screwdriver, an ejector pin and a rasper).
    1 x Instruction manua.
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    • Gaurav A | 01/04/2017

      I have a me creator 2 mini. I need the firmware. Can someone please provide me the link to the correct firmware. The info in the forum is confusing so please give me the exact download link. regards, -Anand

      • rita xiang | 01/16/2017

        You can download this easy print host to upload the latest firmware http://www.geeetech.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=45&sid=110876283694967820933f001159f56f

    • Taft Burtton | 12/10/2016

      can this model printer "me creator mini" be converted to a dual extruder

      • rita xiang | 12/11/2016

        Hello Taft, it is possible if you can , but it will be a huge project

    • Gabriel DeVault | 01/11/2016

      What is the Z threaded rod size and pitch?

      • Quentin Qiu | 01/11/2016

        Hello, M8 and 1.25

    • Yasindu Edirisuriya | 11/28/2015

      Accidentally i burned my Controller board and all the motors stooped working and I brought a new identical controller broad but i don't i have the saved EEPROM setting can anyone share their default setting with me Thank

      • Quentin Qiu | 11/29/2015

        Hi you can contact this e-mail sherry.li@geeetech.cn for technical support, or you can go to our forum to post your problem. http://www.geeetech.com/forum/

    • Lane Barry | 07/10/2015

      What is the proper wiring for the heated bed connector on the controller? Both red wires together and both black wires together in the screw connector? Any polarity issues?

      • rita xiang | 07/10/2015

        yes,both red wires together and both black wires together in the screw connector. the red wires are in the screw right next to the white terminal.

    • Ellen swift | 05/19/2015

      which one works better? me ducer or me creator?

      • Anxiang Weng | 05/19/2015

        It's hard to say, I think both work perfect!

    • Fayaz Choudhary | 02/02/2015

      Hi few days before i bought brand new printer Me Creator: mini desktop 3D printer its never complete the printing job in middle of the printing extruder stop feeding filament and so not injecting plastic and thus never complete printing. please advise is it extruder problem or is it main board problem ? looks every thing else ok please advise how you will solve this problem or do i need to return the printer for refund or exchange.thanks from Canada

      • John zhao | 02/02/2015

        Hi,Did the XYZ Asix steppers still run when the extruder stop feeding filament? Filament jamming may case extruder stopping.Please start a printing job without filament and see if it stop.We are desire to fix your issue.

        • krill mark | 08/23/2015

          Yes, i am experiencing the same issue with this printer. Everything runs except that the feeder motor skips steps after a while. I tried everything i could think of, then i bought a new feeder setup. It worked for a while. then the same thing happened again.

      • Richard Lilley | 02/16/2015

        This also happened to me, halfway through a print job, the filament would stop feeding and the job would fail, annoying after 6 hours! the feeder stepper will not feed or retract the filament.the print head would still keep moving, XYZ all ok, just the feeder stepper motor... Help!

        • rita xiang | 02/17/2015

          hello ,Richard, please try to screw up the bolt in the spring on the extruder tightly,or you can increase the temprature of the extruder.

          • krill mark | 08/23/2015

            I am having the exact same issue, is there any known solution or forum where this problem is discussed? I have tried both things you suggested, also tried switching the stepper motor, that worked for a while.

            • Yasindu Edirisuriya | 11/28/2015

              I also had the same problem the X,Y,Z would move but no filament is extruded then,i found that due the wire of extrude breaks loose. Because the wire twists and turns when the extruder moves around

    • Ben Trapero | 02/02/2015

      I've got this printer, but I want to change the nozzle to 0.4mm. how to get it?

      • Alina Wu | 02/02/2015

        You can check at this page to get the different size for nozzle: http://www.geeetech.com/brass-m6-nozzle-for-mk8-extruder-p-904.html

    • Ben Anthony | 01/31/2015

      Do you have thinner filament?

      • John zhao | 02/01/2015

        We have two dimensions,1.75mm and 3.00mm.