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  • Assembled JIETAI GT8S Extruder
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Assembled JIETAI GT8S Extruder


Shipping Weight:960g

Quantity in stock:5983


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Geeetech GT8 extruder adopts high-quality aluminum alloy heat radiator and brass nozzle, with stainless steel pipe as feeding pipe, which ensures good heat insulation effect and prevents blockage. Besides, its surface is covered with anodic oxide coating, which can resist oxidation corrosion and increase nozzle hardness, thus ensuring better heat insulation, stronger corrosion resistance as well as finer and more stable printing.


Material: All metal

Weight: 515g

Outline dimensions: 88*42*119 mm (L/W/H)

Nozzle diameter:0.3, O.35, 0.4 & 0.5mm optional

Nozzle temperature: 180℃-260℃

Suitable for 1.75mm/3mm PLA & ABS

Printing resolution: 0.1mm

Molding form: FDM

Printing thickness: 0.1mm-0.3mm

Flow rate in nozzle: about 24cc/h

Movement speed: 50cc

Recommended input voltage: 12V

Stepper motor operating voltage:12V

Cooling fan operating voltage:12V

Heating voltage of extruding head: 12V

Thermistor:100K 1% high-precision NTC thermistor


Package list:

1 x JIETAI GT8S extruder


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  • Matteo Migliorini | 03/29/2018

    Which are the main advantages of it if compared to a MK8 extruder?

    • Maria Olivier | 03/31/2018

      Hi Matteo,sorry for late reply.Compared to GT8S extruder,MK8 extruder is perfect and lager print range.Thanks.

  • Stefano Milesi | 03/21/2018

    I've already the top components (Motor, Fan and Retainer) so i want know if Geeetech can sell to me only the bottom parts (all except Motor, Fan and Retainer). Can you confirm that?

    • Maria Olivier | 03/31/2018

      Hi Stefano,sorry for late reply.Yes,but could you please tell me what kind of printer do you use?Or you can email:victory.lei@geeetech.cn,I will confirm which J-head fit you.

  • Sergio Jiménez Alañón | 01/29/2018

    Is this Compatible with Prusa i3 Aluminum? This one -_ http://www.geeetech.com/geeetech-aluminum-prusa-i3-3d-printer-kit-p-944.html

    • Jocelin Jia | 03/15/2018

      Hi Dergio,sorry for late reply.Yes it is,this is a replacement of MK8,thanks.

  • Bilge Cetin | 01/20/2018

    Is this good for Geeetech prusa I3 A Pro?

    • Jocelin Jia | 03/16/2018

      Hi Bilge,sorry for late reply.Yes,it is a replacement of MK8,thanks

  • Bilge Cetin | 01/19/2018

    Can this be used with Geeetech prusa I3 A Pro 3D? If yes, do i need to upgrade the firmware?

    • Jocelin Jia | 03/16/2018

      Hi Bilge,sorry for late reply.It can be used with PRO A and you don't need to upgrade the firmware.It is a replacement of MK8.Thanks.

  • Gary Heathman | 07/06/2017

    I didn't ask for a refund. The order was unpaid. I still wanted the item that was paid for but you refunded it and now I can't find a way to repay for it without reordering.

    • Zina Luo | 07/06/2017

      HI Gary ,sorry for my misunderstand here ,you said cancel so i ask our warehouse to cancel the one you paid and also refund to you already .If you still need to buy one you can re-make a new order online .Pls note with thank.

  • Gary Heathman | 06/28/2017

    Please cancel the order for the unpaid GT8s extruder on my account

    • Zina Luo | 06/28/2017

      Hi Gary ,noted it and will arrange the refund to you ,normally need within 3 days ,pls note with thank.

  • Emiliano Gonzalez | 04/19/2017

    hi, can I get only some of the parts? I already have the hotend and the servo+fan parts. need the aluminium mount

    • Zina Luo | 04/21/2017

      Hi Emiliano,pls send the picture about this part to my email:zina.luo@geeetech.cn ,i can help you check with the warehouse.

  • Duane Reilly | 02/12/2017

    Hi, will this extruder work on I3 Pro B and C models?

    • Zina Luo | 02/13/2017

      Hi ,logically it is compatible with Pro B and Pro C ,but it will shrink the printing area .

  • adrien riviere | 10/02/2016

    hi, it's compatible with Geeetech Prusa I3 pro & pro B ? and we can use Wood-polymer, flexible PLA etc ? thx

  • Chris Fullwood | 09/06/2016

    So you said this would work with the I3 A but the nozzle is way to long. How do o fix this?

  • Chris Fullwood | 07/28/2016

    Is this compatible with the I3 A Pro

    • rita xiang | 08/02/2016

      Hello,Gabriel, yes, it is compatible

  • Yunus Emre GÖKTAŞ | 06/20/2015

    hello, I got gt8s about 1 month ago.projemde kullanabilmem için, ürünün 3d modelini gönderirmisiniz.for example, SolidWorks and STEP format