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  • Assembled Geeetech GT3 Extruder
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Assembled Geeetech GT3 Extruder


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GT3, is a completely assembled extruder designed on the base of  J - head  , which includes a  stepper motor, J - head nozzle and  the brand new drive components need for 3d printing. All the plastic parts are printed by our 3D printer with this extuder,which give evindence to the  printing precision of our product. it is a suitable  choice for customers seeking cost-effective, with appropriate speed and precision of printing, and lower maintenance cost.



Outline dimensions: 117*75*131 mm (L/W/H) 

Nozzle diameter:0.3, 0.35, 0.4 & 0.5mm optional 

Nozzle temperature: 180℃-240℃ 

Suitable for 1.75mm/3mm PLA & ABS 

Printing resolution: 0.1mm 

Molding form: FDM 

Printing thickness: 0.1mm-0.3mm 

Flow rate in nozzle: about 24cc/h 

Movement speed: 50cc 

Recommended input voltage: 12V 

Stepper motor operating voltage:12V 

Heating voltage of extruding head: 12V 

Thermistor:100K 1% high-precision NTC thermisto

Resistance  4.7

Rated power 8W

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1 X Assembled Geeetech GT3 Extruder


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