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  • Assembled Geeetech GT1 Extruder
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Assembled Geeetech GT1 Extruder


Shipping Weight:920g

Quantity in stock:5996


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This is a full assembled Stepper Extruder,which includes a brand Nema17 stepper motor, Hot End, and a freshly printed, unused, filament drive assembly and ect. The filament drive assembly is printed from blue ABS using this exact type of stepper extruder and is designed to fit a hot end. The extruder provides tremendous torque and filament grip for 3mm filament.



1 x Hobbed Bolt

3 x 608 Bearing

5 x M8 Washer

1 x M8 Nylock Nut

1 x M3 6mm Grub Hexagon Socket Screw

1 x M8 20mm Slider Bar

1 x M3 30mm Bolt

1 x M3 Nut

2 x M3 Washer

2 x M4 50mm Bolt

2 x Extruder Spring(0.8mm wire diameter,dia.7mm)

4 x Extruder Washer(4mm Inside Diameter,9mm Outside Diameter)

3 x M3 10mm Bolt

2 x M4 20mm Bolt

4 x M4 Nut

2 x M4 Washer

1 x Hot End

1 x Nema Stepper Motor

1 x Extruder

1 x X-carriage

1 x Wade_body

1 x Wade idler

1 x Biggearmod

1 x Smallgearmod


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  • Jean-Claude Masson | 03/10/2018

    Hi This extruder is compatible with Geeetech Pro C ? if not witch extruder compatible? Must modify marlin code ? Thank JC

    • Maria Olivier | 03/13/2018

      Hi Jean, This extruder is not compatiable with PRO C ,the right is MK8 dual extruder.