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  • Analog voice Sound Sensor module
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Analog voice Sound Sensor module


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This small breakout board couples a small electret microphone with a 100x opamp to amplify the sounds of voice, door knocks, etc loud enough to be picked up by a microcontrollers Analog to Digital converter. Unit comes fully assembled as shown. 



Interface Type: Analog 

Detects the sound intensity

Power supply: 5V DC


Package list:

1 x Sound Sensor module

1 x 30cm 3pin female to female cable

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  • Junewon Lee | 09/17/2014

    1. Technical Question: I wonder sensor's output values at 5V input. as like 0~1023(analog value) 2. I have a plan for sound gadget in S.Korea, Japan, and America. I have to make sample devices(about 100EA), and I need 100 sound sensor. Could you give me more discount?

    • Star Mr | 09/18/2014

      Hi, Junewon Lee, the output value of the Sensor will change with the change of volume. The higher the volume is, the greater the output value will be. You can adjust the output value by adjusting the potentiometer. If you adjust the potentiometer to the minimum, then no matter how much the sound volume is, the output value will remain as 0. In theory, if your AD converter is 10 bites, the range of the output value is from 0-1023. As to the discount, you can contact with our salesman directly.Email:sales@geeetech.com