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  • Aluminum Frame kits for upgraded Geeetech Prusa  I3 3D Printer
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Aluminum Frame kits for upgraded Geeetech Prusa I3 3D Printer


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This is spare parts for our Upgraded Geeetech Aluminum I3 3D printers, you also can use this kits to upgrade your Prusa I3 to Aluminum version. 


1 x XZ Frame

1 x Y Front Side Support

1 x Y Rear Side Support

1 x Fan mount 

2 x Z Motor Fixed Plate

2 x Z Top Support plate

1 x Y Building platform 

1 x Y Motor Fixed Plate 

1 x Guide BlockA

1 x Guide BlockB

2 x Connecting fender

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  • George Youssef | 01/06/2017

    Can you speak to your design team to produce a full aluminium upgrade for the geeetech prusa i3 pro b as I believe the kit would be a huge seller. I would definitely purchase one. This kit is not quite right as it does not include space for the power and control board also I notice the notes that hold the y min stop are not included so I can't see this as a viable upgrade

    • rita xiang | 01/16/2017

      Thanks for your advice,we will consider if there is large demond.

  • Arnaud CHRISTEL | 10/21/2016

    Does this kit is enough to upgrade a latest pro b acrylic (metal upgrade) to a full aluminium printer ?

    • rita xiang | 10/23/2016

      yes, but there are no side panels to mount the PSU and no enoughthe room for mounting GT2560 control board

  • Samuel Bishop | 09/08/2016

    How thick is this please?

    • rita xiang | 09/08/2016

      hello, it is 6mm.

    • rita xiang | 09/08/2016

      hello, it is 6mm.