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  • All in one heatsink
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All in one heatsink


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This all in one heatstick is designed for maximum heat disipation.

It is very convenient to use, just rip off the gummed paper and stick it to the main chip.


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  • Andrew Mc Sweeney | 07/01/2016

    Will this work with the mk8 dual extruder?

    • rita xiang | 07/03/2016

      no, this is a very small one for Cubieboard

      • Andrew Mc Sweeney | 07/20/2016

        thank you, could you point me at one that will work?

        • rita xiang | 07/20/2016

          the one work on MK8 extruder is not listed online, you can contact sales@geeetech.com, she will sell it for you.

          • Andrew Mc Sweeney | 07/21/2016

            thank you