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  • 7\" TFT LCD for S3C2440/S3C6410
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7" TFT LCD for S3C2440/S3C6410


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This is a TFT LCD: 7.0" Touch Screen can be used connect to your S3C2440/S3C6410 development board.




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  • Jane Camilleri | 11/16/2015

    Hi, my paypal payment went through for this purchase, but after payment I didn't get redirected to geeetech. As a consequence the item is still labeled as "unpaid". Please confirm that the payment has been received. I can provide the proof from paypal that payment was sent. Please advise. Regards, Jane

    • Quentin Qiu | 11/16/2015

      Hello Jane, would you like to tell me your order number? I will inform my colleague to check it. And please leave your e-mail address here, my colleague in sales department will get in touch with you.Thank you.