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  • 4-Channel Relay module
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4-Channel Relay module


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 The Arduino Relay module allows a wide range of microcontroller such as Arduino, AVR ,PIC, ARM with digital outputs to control larger loads and devices like AC or DC Motors, electromagnets, solenoids, and incandescent light bulbs. This module is designed to be integrated with 4 relays that it is capable of control 4 relays.The relay shield use one QIANJI JQC-3F high-quality relay with rated load 7A/240VAC,10A/125VAC,10A/28VDC.The relay output state is individually indicated by a light-emitting diode.

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Number of Relays: 4
Control signal: TTL level
Rated load: 7A/240VAC 10A/125VAC 10A/28VDC
Contact action time: 10ms/5ms

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