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  • 433MHz RF Transceiver NRF905 Module with Antenna
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433MHz RF Transceiver NRF905 Module with Antenna


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This wireless module board adapts high-performance Nordic VLSI NRF905 radio chip, the maximum transmission data rates up to 50Kbps with GFSK, sensitivity to-100dBm, high reliability, it is widely used in various occasions, short-range wireless communications (such as wireless meter reading, industrial remote control, low-power handheld equipment, etc.)



Operating voltage: 1.9 ~ 3.6V, ( 3.3V is recommended)

Work on the 433MHz band

The maximum operating rate of 50kbps, support GFSK modulation

A lower current consumption (RX in, 12.2mA, 433MHz)

Programmable control of output power, for all the support frequencies of up to +10 dBm

Standard DIP spacing interfaces for embedded applications

Transmission Distance: open to the actual transmission distance 200-300 meters (depending on the specific situation of the environment and communication baud rate settings, etc. may be)

Module Size: 32mm * 19mm (the size of non-SMA head and antenna)


Package list:

1 x NRF905 Module

1 x antenna



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  • Nor Muzakkir Nor Ayob | 05/10/2012

    Hi, Please include the datasheet of this product? TQ.

    • Chan Channa | 07/19/2013 | GET Staff

      http://iw.suntekstore.com/office_cache/263/14004481/132929098014004481.pdf thanks for your comment.