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  • 3D Printer Smart controller Adapter for Megatronics Board
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3D Printer Smart controller Adapter for Megatronics Board


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This adapter is for Megatronics Board Smart Controller LCD 2004 & LCD 12864. If you have ever bought a Smart LCD controller for RAMP1.4 or Sanguinololu from us, but want to use the controller connecting Megatronics Board, you only need to buy this adapter separately,which is 100% compatible with the controller. You can easy connect it to your Megatronics Board using this "smart adapter". 

After connecting this panel to your Megatronics you don't need your pc any more, just need insert your SD card into the Megatronics board, you can print your 3D designs without PC.


Please note: You should insert SD card to the solt on Megatronics board,but not the one on Smart Controller with 2004 display screen.


Package list:

1 x Smart Adapter for Megatronics Board




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  • Alain Buchs | 03/31/2018

    Hello, I have received your adapter for Megatronics amd the LCD 12864 without any user manual!! How must be done the connection between the 2 Megatronics connectors and the adaptor and the LCD 12864? It's very easy to make a mistake and destroy something! Best regards

    • Richard Deng | 04/18/2018

      Hi Alain,you can email:victory.lei@geeetech.cn for help.Thanks