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  • 3D Printer Smart Adapter for RAMBo Board
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3D Printer Smart Adapter for RAMBo Board


Shipping Weight:80g


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This adapter is for RAMBo Board Smart Controller LCD 2004 & LCD 12864. You can easy connect it to your RAMBo Board using this "smart adapter". The simple adapter lets plugs in to your RAMBo board and allows simple connection of our GLCD kit.


Package list:

1 x Smart Adapter for  RAMBo Board



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  • Paul Estep | 03/26/2014

    This works VERY well, Makes life easy with plug and play! To get this to work correctly you need to use the modified firmware for marlin, You can download that firmware from here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B80A_woXoRWdaTl2WUFDUkxLcDQ/edit Once flashed to the board you will be able to control the printer from the lcd.

    • Chan Channa | 03/29/2014 | GET Staff

      Thank you very much. We will try it.