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  • 315Mhz RF 4 Channels Wireless Relay Remote Control Module
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315Mhz RF 4 Channels Wireless Relay Remote Control Module


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This 4-channel multifunction RF receiving controller is for sending open signal and close signal to 4 relays. It can be used to turn on/ off, connect/disconnect or implement other specific controlling program on the controlled devices or motor.  Typical applications for relays include fields of electronically operated gate, windows, lifting appliance, switch, lifter, industrial control, security industry etc.

The RF controller has the advantages of high confidentiality, high stability, low power, and use expediently; no need for traditional connecting wire or dial fixing code switch, all you need to do is learn to match the code of the remote controller and the receiving controller.


Output mode:

The output mode of this controller is usually divided into non-lock, interlock, self-locking, non-lock and self-lock coexisting. (Note that you can switch the mode directly without deenergization)

1.    Self-lock: connect CN1 and disconnect CN2
Press key A, the corresponding relay will be actuated and keeps closed. Press A again, the relay A is disconnected. Press B, the corresponding relay is actuated and keeps closed, press B again, relay B is disconnected. C and D works in the same way.
2.    Non- lock: disconnect CN1 and CN2.
Press A, the corresponding relay is actuated and it is disconnected right after you release the key A. relay B, C, D works in the same way.
3.    Interlock: disconnect CN1, connect CN2
Press A, the corresponding relay will be actuated and keeps closed. When you press B, relay A will be disconnected and relay B is actuated simultaneously and keeps closed. C and D works by that analogy
4.    Non-lock and self-lock coexisting: connect both CN1 and CN2
Two relays corresponding to the remote controller are in self-lock mode, another two are in non-lock mode. When you operate on the relays in non-lock mode, the self-mode of another two relays will be deactivated simultaneously and automatically.

Learning method:

1.    You will enter learning state after you press any key and the led indicator of the receiver and lights off. Press any key on the controller; if the led indicator blinks 6 times, it has received the signal, and the learning is successful. Press the learned key; you can control the corresponding relay now. After the learning, the remote can work.
2.    If a learned remote controller gets lost, you should clear the stored information in the receiver controller. Thus, the lost one cannot controller the receiver any more. A new one must be learned according to the above method.

Technical Spec:

1. Operating voltage: DC12V

2. Static current: ≤6mA

3. Load control: alternating current/direct current

4. Output current:  ≤10A

5. Operating frequency: 315MHz

6. Receiver sensibility: -105dbm

7. Operating temperature: -40℃ - +80℃

8. Size: 68*48*19mm

9. Weight:80g(including the remote controller)

10. Remote control distance: 150m (in wide-open area)


Package list:

1 x 4 Channels Wireless Relay

1 x remote control


For more usefull information please vist the Wiki Page


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