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  • 2-in-1out hotend
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2-in-1out hotend


Shipping Weight:145g

Quantity in stock:999909


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Filament size

This is a new type of extrusion system with 2-in-1-out switchable Hotend which takes your printer to a whole new level.It provides a new way to print items in two different colors or gradient colors, giving rise to infinity visual experience and making your printed works stand out in those tedious and monotonous models. You can also use one extruder as infill or support, which provides you more creativity to print diversiform and structural models.

Another cool feature is the ability to print with multiple materials, such as PLA, ABS, Wood, Nylon, and PAV. You can combine them to print models with multiple properties.

Multiple colors, multiple materials, unique structure, all these make this hotend undoubtedly the best choice for you to convert your single-extrusion printer into a dual-extrusion one. It can be easily applied to most machines, including classic Delta machines, vertical X-carriage machines and many others. In addition the minimum size and weight greatly reduce the load of the machine and increase the speed of the motion and the print performance.

here is a clip of our friends assembled on our  Rostock mini G2

Molding form: FDM

Printing resolution: 0.1mm

Printing thickness: 0.1mm-0.3mm

Cooling fan operating voltage: 12V

Heating rod voltage: 12V

Nozzle temperature: 180℃-260℃

Material: aluminum 

Net Weight: 80g

Outline dimensions: 35*15*60mm (L/W/H)

Filament size:1.75

Nozzle diameter: 0.4 & 0.5mm available

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  • René Steentjes | 09/29/2020

    Will this work on the A20M?

    • Jocelin Jia | 10/23/2020

      hello, no . for A20M hotend pls order 700-001-1127

  • MIKE BENNETT | 03/09/2020

    Will this work with the Duplicator 5?

    • Jocelin Jia | 03/09/2020

      it can not work with Duplicator 5,we do not have a hotend kit for this printer, only have a complete dual extruder and seperate heater wire if you need, any more information you can send email to sales@geeetech.com

  • Paolo Fasano | 10/23/2018

    ciao è compatibile con la mia a10?

    • Jocelin Jia | 10/23/2018

      it can but now we have upgrade it, so please send mials to victory.lei@geeetech.cn, thanks

  • Olesia Rudakova | 10/20/2018

    Ciao, e' compatibile con A30?

    • Jocelin Jia | 10/20/2018

      no, please send mials to victory.lei@geeetech.cn, thanks

  • jacques noemie | 08/30/2018

    hello, where can buy heater for this 2in1 hotdent?

    • Jocelin Jia | 08/31/2018

      hi you can find it in website :3d printer-3d accessories(elec), then you can find it

  • aurélie cozette | 07/05/2018

    Hello. What kind of screw for the heater ? thanks

    • Jocelin Jia | 07/06/2018

      Hello, please send mials to victory.lei@geeetech.cn, thanks

      • aurélie cozette | 03/09/2019

        Mail already sent, but no answer

        • Jocelin Jia | 03/11/2019


  • James McElhany | 05/28/2018

    Unclear if thermistor and heating element is included?

    • Jocelin Jia | 05/28/2018

      Hello James,this item does not include the heater, please buy it separately

  • Bogdan Huhu | 05/23/2018

    I would like to buy one but I wish to be sure that the heating element is included. Could I buy also separate the heating element?

    • Maria Olivier | 05/23/2018

      Hello, this item does not include the heater, please buy it separately

  • Rajiam Pursifull | 04/07/2018

    Can I get this with the sensor installed? Is the heating element Included? Your answer below was not clear.

    • Richard Deng | 04/19/2018

      yes, this is included, please send mails to jocelin.jia@geeetech.cn,thanks

  • Michael Telford | 12/28/2017

    Hi will this work on the prusa i3 x

    • Richard Deng | 04/19/2018

      hello, this is work for Prusa i3 m201

  • Javier Garcia | 11/03/2017

    Can I Have information about how to connect this to a Delta Rostock Mini G2S Pro?

    • Zina Luo | 11/03/2017

      HI Javier ,this cannot be used on G2S as this hotend need the controller board by GTM32 pro which the board of the G2S is GT2560,pls note with thank.

  • Efisio Maxia | 09/15/2017

    I would like to knov the size of the thread of the nozzle (is it M5 or M6?). Thank you in advance.

    • Zina Luo | 09/22/2017

      HI Efisio ,the thread of the nozzle is :GTH8010-M03-175

  • hiep pham | 07/25/2017

    Does this come with the heating element and sensor?

    • Zina Luo | 07/26/2017

      Hi Hiep ,has the heating element and for the sensor ,not including.

  • Federico Guerrera | 07/20/2017

    Is compatible with pro c?

    • Zina Luo | 07/20/2017

      Hi Federico ,this is compatible with the M201 gradient 3d printer

      • Federico Guerrera | 10/12/2017

        so yes or not ?

  • Miguel Angel García Hinojosa | 03/24/2017


    • Zina Luo | 03/25/2017

      Hi Miguel,sorry that it cannot compatible.

  • Antti Leinonen | 01/30/2017

    Hi, I'm having issues with this hotend on my M201 printer. One or two of the feeded filaments is getting stuck constantly. Both, during printing and even after just cleaning the hotend. I have tried three different of these hotends and every single one of them has the same issue. Any suggestions how to prevent the molten filament from climbing up from the hotend and causing a block?

    • Zina Luo | 02/07/2017

      Hi Antti, pls check here :http://www.geeetech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=17372&p=32432#p32432 and if you still have same problem pls email to the technican for help:technical@geeetech.com

  • Claudia Ponce | 01/11/2017

    Hi, will this work on my Prusa i3 M201? . If it does work, wich nozzle size do I have to choose?

    • rita xiang | 01/12/2017

      Yes, this is the hotend used on M201, but please contact our sales if you need this as a replacement for M201 cause there is no heater on this hotend, if you need the heater, it is abother one.

  • Christian Kemper | 12/28/2016

    Hi, will this work with the Delta Mini g2s pro?

    • rita xiang | 01/04/2017

      Yes, this hotend can be used on G2s pro.

  • Frans Geeraert | 07/17/2016

    Can I use it on my Ultimaker 2?

    • rita xiang | 07/17/2016

      how many extruders are there on your Ultimaker 2? If there are two, you can use it and you should know that you will need to dedign a mount holder for the hotend.

  • Stephane Bois | 03/20/2016

    Can you tell me what is the Thermistor used with this model?

    • james zou | 03/23/2016

      Hi,Stephane Bois,please check these:this thermistor is a heatbed thermistor,its model number is 3950 and its resistance value is 100K.

  • Stephane Bois | 03/20/2016

    What is the metric size of the nozzle M6,M4?

    • james zou | 03/23/2016

      The thread diameter of our nozzles are all 0.06m.And the nozzles get four kinds of diameter:0.3mm, 0.35mm and 0.4mm.

  • Tom PAPOUT | 01/06/2016

    Hi I want to buy two spare barrels for my hotend because I broke them trying to unscrew them, is there any of them?

    • Quentin Qiu | 01/07/2016

      Hello, for sales question please contact this e-mail sales@geeetech.com My colleague in sales department will help you. You can also search the item you want to buy in the search bar in the top right corner of the main page of our website. Thank you

  • Kenneth Nisen | 12/29/2015

    Hi I want to replace my two hotend on my Delta Rostock mini G2s pro with this 2-in-1out hotend. is this possible?

    • Quentin Qiu | 01/03/2016

      Hi Kenneth,2-in-1out hotend can be used on your printer.

  • Shiva H | 12/21/2015

    GT 2560 board supports this extruder?

    • Quentin Qiu | 12/21/2015

      Yes, GT2560 supports it, but it can not realize blending color.

      • Shiva H | 12/21/2015

        I want use it for support material,one side pla or ABS.another side support material.is it possible?

        • Quentin Qiu | 12/21/2015

          Hi, you have to use filaments which have the same melting point because it only has one hotend.

  • Steve Gigr | 12/07/2015

    Quentin, I was going to make a bracket for it so that it fits the i3 pro c. Do you know if I could use the stock controller ( GT2560) to control it? If so do I need new firmware? could you send it to me? sdigrazia1@sbcglobal.net Thank you

    • Quentin Qiu | 12/09/2015

      Hi Steve, sorry to tell you that you can not use GT2560 to control it.

  • Nelson Pereira | 12/07/2015

    How do I configure the Marlin Firmware to use this 2-in-1out hotend if it only has one thermistor shared by the two extruders? How does the printer register the temperature in order for it to load and retract filament? Please advise. Thank you for your time.

    • Quentin Qiu | 12/09/2015

      Hi you can contact this e-mail sherry.li@geeetech.cn for technical support, or you can go to our forum to post your problem. http://www.geeetech.com/forum/

  • Trevor Leftwich | 11/04/2015

    And if not could you tell me which hot ends on the site would work with that model

    • Quentin Qiu | 11/04/2015

      Hello Trevor,this hotend can not be used on i3 Pro B. The hotend of MK8 extruder can be used on pro B.

  • Trevor Leftwich | 11/04/2015

    Would this hot end work with the Prusa i3 Pro B?

  • Dennis Sandil | 10/28/2015

    Can I use this in my Prusa i3 Pro C?

    • Quentin Qiu | 10/30/2015

      Hello Dennis, I3 pro C only support MK8 extruder.You can not install this part on I3 pro C because there are no corresponding holes on it.