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  • 256M Micro2440 with 3.5 inch TFT LCD  SDK
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256M Micro2440 with 3.5 inch TFT LCD SDK


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Micro2440  mainboard resource

1 10/100M Network RJ-45 interface, using DM9000 LAN chip

3 TTL serial interface, they all made an RS232 level shifter

4 USB Host (using the USB 1.1 protocol)

1 USB Slave (using the USB 1.1 protocol)

Standard audio input and output interfaces

1 PWM control buzzer

4 user LED

An adjustable resistor then AD0, 1, for the AD converter test

6 user keys in the WinCE or Linux can be defined as up, down, left, right, TAB, Enter key, 6 buttons can be row seat leads to the use of needles.

1 standard SD card connector

1 LCD interface blocks, in order to 40Pin 0.5mm pitch chip interface can be directly connected to our company to provide true color VGA display module or adapter panels

1 CMOS camera interface 20Pin 2.0mm pitch pin can be directly connected to the company`s CAM130 camera module.

10-pin 2.0mm pitch JTAG Interface

On-board RTC backup battery

1 power supply input, +5 V power supply


Micro2440 core board features:

CPU:Samsung S3C2440A, clocked at 400MHz, the maximum 533Mhz

SDRAM:On-board 64M SDRAM 32bit data bus SDRAM clock frequency up to 100MHz

Flash Memory: On-board 128M Nand Flash, power-down non-volatile, On-board 2M Nor Flash, power-down non-volatile, have been installed BIOS (user can replace on their own for other bootloader)

Interface and resources: 1 56 Pin 2.0mm Pitch GPIO Interface PA/1 50Pin 2.0mm pitch LCD & CMOS CAMERA Interface PB/1 56 Pin 2.0mm pitch system bus interface to PC/On-board reset circuit/On-board JTAG interface 10Pin 2.0mm pitch/4 users debug light/System clock source and the RTC/12M Passive Crystal/Internal real time clock (additional pick a backup lithium battery) Power/External +5 V

Size: 63 x 52 mm


OS Support

- Linux 2.6/WindowsCE 5.06.0/UCos2/Android

· Micor2440 Protel99SE package (send by Email)


ITEMS in package

Micro2440 core board and mainboard with 7` TFT LCD+5V adaptor+DB9 cable+USB cable+Ethernet cable+JTAG emulator+CD-ROM

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