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  • 12pcs 3pin M/F Jumper Wires
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12pcs 3pin M/F Jumper Wires


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These are 3Pin Male to Female 300mm long jumpers.

Multiple jumpers can be installed next to one another on a 0.1" header.

Comes as 1 package of 12 PCS jumpers (colors are random ),

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  • Florindo Lopez | 03/06/2018

    ¿que cable necesito para alargar un sensor 3d touch?

    • Jocelin Jia | 03/14/2018

      Hi Florindo, the 3d touch need one 3pins plus one 2 pins .Here is SKU:37-001-0165,37-001-0166.Thanks

  • Selin Capkin | 04/19/2017

    Can this be used to extend the cable for the fans?

    • Zina Luo | 04/21/2017

      Hi Selin,this one cannot ,for than fan extension wire you use order this :https://www.geeetech.com/fan-extention-wire-mm-1200mm-p-1000.html