Bluetooth wirelessly download for DUE Pro

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Wireless programming and data transmission can be achieved simply from the BLuetooth.You just need two bluetooths and a USB serial FT232RL . Now ,I will show my test.


Hardware needed


1.A Bluetooth module's key turns to "M" as master ,other's key turns to "S" as slave.

2.Connect the USB serial FT232RL and bluetooth





For some FT232 shields,you would connct TX to RX,and RX to TX.

3.Open Serial Monitor and set the bluetooth .


You input command " AT+DEFAULT", then input " AT +BAUD8". As the Iduino DUE download baud is 115200,if you want to transmit data ,

you would set same baud for the software.Two bluetooths to do the same action.

Of course ,there are a lot of ways to build communication between two bluetooths ,you can reference Bluetooth manual to build commnnication ,we use most easiest way and don't anything.

4.Follow step 2 to connect master bluetooth and the USB serial FT232RL , and connect slave bluetooth and Iduino DUE Pro like as:





5.Power up for the Iduino DUE Pro from battery, programming would fail if you power up from USB port .

The green LED of buletooth is light that means two buletooths communicate , blink is connecting.

Press the ERASS button 2 seconds ,then press the reset button.

Now you can wirelessly program for Iduino DUE Pro.

Please open Aduino IDE 1.5 and selct Aduino DUE(programming port) in board.



We also wirelessly program and transmit data for other boards ,such as UNO,LilyPad,Arduino Pro Mini and so on. But you must set right baud for buletooth.Connect the board and slave bluetooth follow DUE Pro.

You can reference :

UNO, DUE , MEGA -------- 115200

ATMEGA328---------------- 57600

ATMEGA168---------------- 19200

DUEMILANOVE328 ---------- 57600

When you download to other boards,you must press the reset button until the TX LED of USB serial FT232RL blinks two times.However ,it is difficult to program for MEGA,bacause the TX LED blink irregularly.You can power up UNO ,MEGA from USB port.


1.IS the green LED of bluetooth light ? It's not,two buletooths don't build communication ,you must set two buletooths again.

2.Are both buletooths setted same baud suitted to main board?

3.Do you operate the reset button accurately when you are programming ? the DUE Pro is different other boards.