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  • Waterproof Inductive Proximity Switch
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Waterproof Inductive Proximity Switch


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This inductive proximity switch is designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the auto leveling process for 3D printers. Its exterior, made from ABS, is highly water-resistant, while keeping its good inductive capability.

For those who 3D print a lot or 3D printing beginners, it makes leveling the build platform a no-brainer. This feature will enable your printer to take several bed leveling readings and calculate a level plane so your prints are always level. While printing each layer, you z-axis will be in constant motion to compensate for an un-level bed.


Save time messing with springs and screws on your print bed. Run the Auto-level procedure before every print or just one time for each start-up of the printer.

Less issues related to un-level print beds like parts coming up on one corner and nozzles jamming because the print started too close.

Note: To set up your printer for auto-leveling, you need to update your firmware and make a mount for your Inductive Proximity Switch. 

Product Features:

Wire Length: 150cm

Output Type: NPN

Detection Distance: 4mm

Compatible with Prusa I3, Kossel and other printers

Dimension: M18x 18 x 36mm

Supply Voltage: DC 10-30V

Operating Temperature: -25~ +70

Exterior: ABS

Protection Degree: IP 67

wire length:115cm

Package include: 1pc x Waterproof Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch

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  • JohnmyBrown2 JohnmyBrown2 | 11/16/2017

    so good

    • Zina Luo | 11/16/2017

      Thank you .