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  • Reprap LCD2004 smart controller display
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Reprap LCD2004 smart controller display


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This is a basic 20 character by 4 line dot matrix LCD display controller module designed for different 3D printer motherboard. The product contains 20 Character x 4 Line LCD display,an rotary encoder, Smart adapter and 30cm connection cables. With different adaptor,you can connect the smart LCD with Geeetech RAMPS1.4,Sanguinololu,Megatronics and Rambo. There is a SD Card slot on the back of the LCD Module, connecting it with the controller board of 3D Printer, you don't need your pc any more, just need insert your SD card into the SD Slot, you can print your 3D designs without PC. 

If you have ever bought a Smart LCD controller dispaly from us, but want to use with other boards, you only need to buy the adapter separately,which is 100% compatible with the controller. Purchase the adapter here.



Display: 20 Characters X 4 lines

Module Size: 98.0 X 60.0 X 14.0

Viewing Area: 76.0 X 25.2

Character Size: 2.95 X 4.75

Controller IC: S6A0069 or equal

Supply voltage: 5V


Please note: 

1. Because there is SD Card slot on Megatronics board, you need to insert SD Card to the solt on Megatronics board instead of the one on the display.

2. You could just use the cable to connect it with Geeetech Ultimaker,no adaptor needed.


Package list:

1 x Smart Controller LCD2004 Display

2 x 30cm cable

1 x Adapter(Optional)


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  • ausin hanks | 08/04/2014

    i have a display that looks exactly like this and the adapter. i believe it is correct because i can turn it on and see the display show my printer settings, i cant get the encoder and button to work at all though. Also the sd card is not discovered.

  • Guiriec Yves | 05/20/2014

    I've bought Smart Controller LCD2004 Display and the adapter for Ramps 1.4 and it seem to have some trouble: - there is no information on the display, even if I tune the contrast with the little adjustable resistor on the rear of your board. Is it full compatible with reprap discount smart controler, or is there some specific tune to do ? Is thère a special setting in the Arduino-code to set or is it full compatible with a "s

  • Justin Schubert | 05/12/2014

    Sigh I think I have the wrong LCD adapter for my RAMPS1.4 Marlin cannot seem to get the display to do anything but flicker

    • Jet Lee | 05/14/2014 | GET Staff

      please show us which adapter you got? and confirm you got the correct adapter for the RAMPS1.4 shield.