problems printing detail and overhangs.

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problems printing detail and overhangs.

Post by alibabakes5 » Fri Sep 17, 2021 9:31 pm

I got my A10 PRO from amazon and ever since it arrived I have had nothing but problems.
the bed would not level I had to get a glass bed for it. after getting a glass bed I was able to level and get good first layers.

I have calibrated the extruder and seams to be accurate. (checked with digital calipers )
no matter my setting I am not able to print any overhangs without it turning into spaghetti.
when printing any top layer detail there is a lot of stringing and the extruder carves into the print
I am using cura 4.3
all my prints are in PLA I have tried 6 different PLA's with all the same results
I have tried increasing and decreasing heats and print speeds with the same results. router login

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