Temperature problem.

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Temperature problem.

Post by Bikerbuz » Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:40 pm

Hi there.

I have a really weird error (at least I think so) on my Mecreator 2, that I suspect is connected to a firmware issue.

I had a runaway temp on the nozzle a while back and melted a bunch of stuff. I replaced what was needed, re flashed it and tried printing.
Runaway temp once again.

The thing is that everything works fine up to 79c on the nozzle. As soon as I go above that it starts to get more and more inaccurate. For instance if I set it to 100c, it ends up at between 177c and 185c. It's not constantly ending up at exactly the same temp, it differs up to about 10c.
I replaced the thermistor again, but no improvement. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?

It actually does trickle down to the correct temp eventually, but that means that if I for example want to print PLA at 200c, it simply gets way to hot before it eventually can settle at the correct temp
I guess this also happens when it tries to correct the temp mid print and that's what triggered the runaway temp the first time.

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