3D Touch Sensor

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3D Touch Sensor

Post by pepgra » Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:31 am

Simply the 3D touch is a disaster, it does not work well at all, I think Geeetech should be able to develop the installation of other types of sensors ...

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Re: 3D Touch Sensor

Post by vert » Mon May 13, 2019 1:00 pm

The 3dtouch does have some issues out of the box mostly QC stuff.
But once you have it all sorted out it does work decent i get a reliable 5-10 micron deviation on both that i have.

Some issues encountered where.
1) screw in the top was very loose and backed it self out a little every probe
2) the config settings provided are extremely to fast.
3)pwn noise from heating while probing.
4)fan vibrations throwing off the sensor
5)nobody lists the original end-stop must be removed.
6)getting the distance for z offset right is hard without the use of a good spacer.
7)the sensor needs to be broken in to do this i let it run in test mode over night.
8)sometimes the screw on top comes with it in to far or out to far resulting in nothing but probe errors.
9)there is a small magnet shrink wrapped to the metal pin the shrink wrap can become misinformed and cause drag inside the unit pulling it out and heating it with a lighter can correct the malformation.

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