Geeetech is Looking for Market manager who can help us to promote local market, we will pay!

Are you curious about who are testing the 3D printer or how is the printer? Welcome here!
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Geeetech is Looking for Market manager who can help us to promote local market, we will pay!

Post by Smartbot » Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:35 pm

3D printing market is very interesting, we are inviting you to play with us. As our business getting bigger and bigger, we would like to make our customer to feel more relaxed when they buy our products. We are looking for those kind of market managers who can help me to provide better service for your local country customer.

1. Product promotion manager
When we have a new product, we need to ask our customers to test it. We need to know if it is good for the local market, are there any aspect that we can improve, is there any problem in transit. That is very important for us, secondly, we need some reviews on Amazon to convince other customers that our products are good, and our service is reliable. So we hope you can find some people to test our products, we will pay you money or filament pla.

2. Local store experience manager
Nowadays, more and more people are buying products online, however, sometimes customer may have some problems, because the product is not as good as they expect, or they only see the pictures or videos, they could not experience the real products. So we would like to find some local store, like book store, device repairing store or any other store owner to cooperate with each other. We hope you can help us to display our 3D printer in your store, so our customers can experience them in real world, then they will buy. We will pay you in return or when people buy from your store, we will give you allowance.

3. Maker Space manager
If there are any maker space in your country, that will be great. People there are crazy about 3D printers, so we would to sponsor them, so people there will know our products.

4. School, universities teachers
If you are the teachers who are teaching the related 3D printing classes, that is cool. We would like to cooperate with you. We may sponsor some 3D printers when you give this kind of classes.

5. Community leader
Internet is so great that it make easier people all around the world connected, we can talk with each other by Facebook messager, WhatsApp messager, skype and so on. However, Face-to-Face communication is still very important for people. We are finding some community leaders who can organize this offline parties or meeting. That will be amazing thing. We will sponsor 3D printers as well.

6. Other manager that you can have good ideas to make customer happy
If you have any other ideas that can make this 3D printing world interesting, please feel free to let me know as well.

If are you interested in this project, please feel free to get in touch with Charlie.
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Re: Geeetech is Looking for Market manager who can help us to promote local market, we will pay!

Post by nitro_sport2003 » Sat May 05, 2018 8:29 pm

Hi i would be interested from over in Australia W.A in promoting repairing damaged stock and re selling and sharing your products with local schools etc possibly like to donate one to a local private school and hope to grow maybe service repair your printers for schools businesses etc in areas of WA involved etc have transport vehicle and can travel to places sharing your products.

Sounds very interesting I own 6X 3D Printers 3 different brands my latest is your A30 very nice build design.

Hope i can help in any way please email me

Kind Regards Matt

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Re: Geeetech is Looking for Market manager who can help us to promote local market, we will pay!

Post by oarias437 » Thu Jun 07, 2018 4:24 pm

Hello, I too am interested in this since I work at a Makerspace. I do own a Geeetech E180 and I'm trying to fix it in the robotics room at the Mt. Sac campus. We currently have 2 printers at the Makerspace and having more of them can't hurt, message me if you guys are interested.

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