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Extruder and firmware

Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 9:10 pm
by Ricky1966
Hi everybody. I want to dive inside an hard upgrade of my A10. I want to try to implement a three channels hotend. Now in order to this, I want to understand in the deep the firmware. I've take the Configuretion.h files of both firmware of A10 and A10M, and looking for founding the difference between.I expected to find a #define EXTRUDER 2 on A10M and #define EXTRUDER 1 on A10, but all have 1. My question is, where I can find the setup of second stepper (extruder motor)?

Re: Extruder and firmware

Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 10:59 am
by William
I think I should correct it.
The A10M use the 2-in-1 hotend with 2 extruder.
It means you need to define the mixer setting on Configuration.h.

* "Mixing Extruder"
* - Adds a new code, M165, to set the current mix factors.
* - Extends the stepping routines to move multiple steppers in proportion to the mix.
* - Optional support for Repetier Firmware M163, M164, and virtual extruder.
* - This implementation supports only a single extruder.
* - Enable DIRECT_MIXING_IN_G1 for Pia Taubert's reference implementation
#define MIXING_STEPPERS 2 // Number of steppers in your mixing extruder
#define MIXING_VIRTUAL_TOOLS 16 // Use the Virtual Tool method with M163 and M164
//#define DIRECT_MIXING_IN_G1 // Allow ABCDHI mix factors in G1 movement commands
#define GRADIENT_MIX // Apply a gradient between mixes over several layers