GTM32 Firmware Source Code

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GTM32 Firmware Source Code

Post by dwalsh62 » Sun May 28, 2017 7:25 am

Relying on Geeetech to do things such as urgent bug fixes is a waste of valuable time.

It's been more than a year and a lot of the bugs have not been fixed, yes I see there are temporary work-around's for some but pausing the layer print to advance the filament then resuming is not a fun to name one annoying issue and their are many.

I've run out of patience expecting anything to happen in a timely manner or even in a reasonable time frame and nothing worse than being ignored when having serious technical issues.

The delta design while a nice concept wasn't well executed by most of the 3D printer manufacturers and Geetech is no exception, the cost of increasing the work area is minimal and solves a lot of print problems and I just can't understand the logic of producing a printer that is crippled by it's print envelope where printing in a DIA larger than 140mm print quality degrades exponentially until you reach the 180mm DIA so I've built a larger DIA version with a heated bed that fixes this and allows you to print in a 250mm DIA without jeopardizing print quality and expect the controller to work in the updated work volume and a 0.28mm nozzle.

Testing the 301 with a 0.28mm nozzle shows me the nozzle size seems to be smaller than the firmware will accept as it prints in 3/4 scale as it ignores a nozzle value of less than 0.4mm and not being able to take advantage of the full print area breaks the camels back so since Geeetech wont fix it and it's claimed that the GTM32 is opensource I need access to the source code so I can resolve some of the major issues and annoyances.

A link to download it would be sufficient or access to the repository if possible or is this one of those opensource projects that needs to be stolen to gain access to the source code to fix things that should have been fixed long ago?

I'm not interested in rhetoric, comments or nonsense about opensource rules, I have no patience for anything that interferes with or delays progress any more than absolutely necessary and I've waited long enough.


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Re: GTM32 Firmware Source Code

Post by Alexander Amelkin » Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:09 am

I second that.
At least release the schematics!
// SoF

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Re: GTM32 Firmware Source Code

Post by Grypho » Thu Aug 30, 2018 6:27 pm

You can find the schematics at ... PRO_VB.pdf

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