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How is 3D printing changing product design?

Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 5:12 pm
by 3dtech
There are a few different ways that 3D printing is having a big impact on the product design process, and on manufacturing in general.


Prototyping: 3D printing allows for inventors and product designers to easily produce functional prototypes that can be very similar to production parts, both in terms of material properties and aesthetics. Technologies likeFused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Stereolithography (SLA) allow designers to test out their ideas using production-grade materials, without having to worry about tooling. Because 3D printers can cost-effectively produce single parts, it’s much easier to go through multiple prototype iterations without breaking the bank. 3D printing is even used now to create the molds that wind up being used for final production.
Design Flexibility: Because 3D printers can produce really complex or challenging geometries (lattices, hollow spaces, etc), designers can work without having to worry about many of the limitations of injection molding or milling. 3D printers can easily produce shapes that would be extremely difficult if not impossible using other methods.

Because of this, designers can now design complex objects as one part which would otherwise have to be assembled from multiple parts. This allows for more efficient and, sometimes, more structurally stable designs.
Customization 3d print: Because 3D printing is more adapted for lower-volume production runs, it allows for product designers to develop more specialized or customized items that don’t necessarily have a very broad market appeal. When you don’t have to justify high-volume production, it frees you to create more niche products, or to design limited-edition products. Lots of the designers at Cad Crowd, for example, create really interesting 3d printed designer jewelry, 3d printing in the medical industry .
Everyone becomes a product designer. We haven’t quite reached this stage yet, and we may never get there 100%. But technology like 3D printing and digital manufacturing is putting production more in the hands of individuals than it has been in the past, and this trend is predicted to continue. Right now, inventors, DIYers, and entrepreneurs can take advantage of 3D printing object to quickly produce custom parts they need for their special projects. People are starting to take advantage of the technology to produce custom game pieces and all kinds of other things. In the near future, we’ll probably be using the technology to make all kinds of things for ourselves to our exact specifications. And that’s a pretty big change in product design! 3d printing mumbai pune delhi chennai india