Convert A30M to A30 Pro

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Convert A30M to A30 Pro

Post by Deadeye » Mon Jan 11, 2021 2:20 pm

After not being able to resolve my stringing issues after having the A30M for over a year, as I think the issue is with having ooze issues with the dual filament hot end, I'm considering whether I can convert the A30M to a A30 Pro by replacing the head and updating the control board firmware to the A30 Pro's. I bought this printer as I thought I could use PVA as support, but William has already confirmed that this can't be used with PLA, and I've also been advised by a high end printer retailer that if PVA is in the same heat block as the PLA, it will burn out and clog if not being used, so for me a dual filament printer setup like this not suitable.
I assume Geeetech would try to keep parts as common as possible across a range.
As the A30M control board looks similar/same to the A30 Pro, and I assume the gantry is the same size/configuration, would it be relatively simple to swap the head and firmware and it work?

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Re: Convert A30M to A30 Pro

Post by William » Thu Jan 28, 2021 5:01 pm

Hello, if you want to change to A30P, you need to change hotend and firmware. You can contact geeetech official for more help.
The following is the ticket creation process.
ticket process.rar
(389.76 KiB) Downloaded 15 times
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