Something about About low temperature repair

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Re: Something about About low temperature repair

Post by ericarenee » Mon Dec 16, 2019 5:51 am

The Temp to low issue is a Slicing issue. But it exist because of the Printers Firmware not knowing its a 3 extruder printer. When the first extruder starts printing its last layers the it starts a cool down cycle. When its time for the second extruder to start printing the machine temp is to low causing it to halt and throwing the error. IF it were a voltage or other electrical or connection issues it would HAPPEN Randomly.. The issue is at the FINAL Tool change . As i posted in the work around fix for this there is obviously not a hardware failure. But a failure in The printers firmware not having any logic related to more then 1 extruder. The extruder o1 and o2 on this machine are Virtual extruders in the Slicers G-CODE.. They are not True extruders known the Printer itself.

On your printer Try to print with Just extruder o1 or 02 .. Without using oo ....

Let me know the results of each combination ..

I have it working and i can print with it now. But only by hackish g-gode post processing telling it to NOT Turn any temp off.

I have also changes all 3 of those extruders to TRUE METAL BMG .

The printer Prints near perfect with the fixes .. The slight stringing and Blobs is less after the extruder swap.. Still messing with travel speed and coasting settings to work out blob issue .

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