installing my new A20 M

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installing my new A20 M

Post by richardlowe42 » Wed Dec 12, 2018 2:56 am

can anybody suggest how I get either of my Windows 10 computers to 'see' my new printer when connected? (I used the USB cable included in the box.) I've tried downloading & installing the USB drivers, still nothing shows up, & the relevant software is not downloaded or installed, as it's supposed to. I've got 'EasyPrint 3D, but it's stuck with a rectangular construction box, (I assume the default pattern,) & not the 255mm cube that the A20M requires.
Any suggestions?
Has anybody out there got one of these printers working on a Windows 10pc or laptop, if so, how did you do it? If nobody has managed it, why are Geetech not solving this for people like me?

richard L

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installing my new A20 M, USB drivers

Post by nukwar » Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:48 am

Have you gone to the following link downloaded the usb driver for the USB chip that is on you A20M?

I to had the same problem you have until I installed the correct USB driver. Also when you install EasyPrint 3D make sure it is the 1.2.6 ver.

The other issue I am having is that there is no driver for the A20M on the EasyPrint 3D 1.2.6 ver. You can modify one of the existing
printers and change the bed size. I did do this on Cura but am having a issue where the extruder stops heating. At this point I have to abort
the print. I am printing through USB.

I am using Win 7 Pro.

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