Introducing GiantArm D200 cloud 3D printer-part 5–Filament detector

Believe that many 3D printer users, either beginners or professionals, are not alien to this frustrating scene: when you are excited about almost finishing your complicated or large model, the filament unexpectedly runs out, forcing you to restart the long-long print journey. At this moment, the only words escaping from your lips should and could be “Dame it!!” How we wish there would be a defect detector to save your beloved prints and our fragile and strong hearts tortured by constant printing failures!

Estimating whether you have enough filament left on the spool to finish the print has always be a difficult task. More often than not, we find ourselves with an uncompleted print and the printer is always left printing in the air caused by filament outage or fracture.

To get you out of the dilemma, a simple practical filament detector is added to GiantArm D200 3D Printer.It is designed to enable your printer temporally pause when it tests the un-present of the filament and saves the uncompleted printing file. The extruder will move away after paused to avoid destroying the printed model under high temperature, combined with our resurrection system, you can then change the spool and resume the printing job.


The implementation of this new filament detector involves some simple technical elements. Its core component is a detection module. The following makes a brief introduction of this additional function. When the filament goes through the detection module smoothly, the mechanical endstop is triggered, sending a [1] signal to the control board. Under this circumstance, the filament icon will be shown on the LCD screen. In contrast, when the filament runs out or is broken, the mechanical endstop in the detection module is not triggered, giving the signal [0] of filament outage to the control board, and the LCD screen will display filament outage to users and the buzzer will go off. In this case, the print will automatically enter pause mode and wait for reinsertion of filament.

The employment of filament detector would, in a large measure, decrease the time spent on repetitive printing and the cost of filament. Most importantly, with this auxiliary function, 3D printing fanciers would really get themselves out of those annoying situations and enjoy smooth and quality printing.


Introducing GiantArm D200 cloud 3D printer-part 4 Break-resuming capability

Unexpected power failure?

Need to stop and change filament?

Filament fracture or outage?

Printing in your fragmentation time?

Want your printer to take a nap?

Looking after your printer as a printer-sitter?

You may have suffered all of the above troubles during printing.

To solve the above issues, a resurrection system, that is, the break-resuming capability has been added to GiantArm D200 3D printer.

Active or passive interrupt, the break-resuming capability enables you to restart the printer and resume the interrupted printing job at the same place as if it never stopped.

When power failure takes place, electrical system will trigger the break-resuming loop. The energy storage unit will provide enough power for saving the current printing status.

Meanwhile, the printing will stop and the building platform will drop down to keep away from the object. In this way, the unfinished print will not be melted and destroyed by the nozzle.

Change filament easily: multiple-color printing and sectioned printing enabled; even single extruder can deliver multiple-color printout.

Large models=long printing time???

Rome is not built in a day! Prints do not have to be finished at one time.

Break-resuming capability helps to continue your printing in your spare time.

Now you can totally say good buy to a printer sitter and your prints will never be destroyed by power failure.

Enjoy 3D printing!

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Introducing GiantArm D200 cloud 3D printer-part 2 Smart 3D printing Solution

Smart 3D cloud print solution

Ever longing for systematic and simplified 3D printing experience? Our smart 3D cloud printing solution, together with EasyPrint 3D APP, enables you to enjoy plentiful free 3D models in our cloud gallery, preview the model and with a click of the print button, wherever you are, the printing file of the model will be transported to your GiantArm D200 3D printer and what you need to do is wait for it to show up in front of you miraculously while you go back to home.

GiantArm D200 APP smart control

Responsive, elegant and easy-to-manage, the specially developed EasyPrint 3DApp provides you with the convenience to monitor and modify real-time printing status via Wi-Fi. No more convenience than this!

GiantArm D200 APP smart control

EasyPrint 3D APP features:

  • Intuitive ,Easy-to-use UI
  • Monitor the printing status
  • Control your printer from anywhere with Wi-Fi
  • Connect to cloud gallery and access to thousands of free 3D models
  • Alerts you when your printing job is finished
  • Alerts you when filament runs out or breaks
  • Alerts you when printing job breaks off
  • Activate the printer from power saving mode with just a click


EasyPrint 3D App is specially designed to connect 3D print fanciers from all over the world.

It is a social app which is multi-featured with 3D printer remote control, 3D models cloud gallery, 3D printing community.

Photos and videos are so easily uploaded to EasyPrint 3D app, its super simple to share images or videos of your impressive prints with the community worldwide.

See what’s new and noteworthy, what the community has made, and what’s popular. When looking at the things themselves, scroll through beautiful slideshows of photos.

Help you to record and witness your great prints in daily life, just like good friends.

Plentiful FREE 3D models in cloud gallery

EasyPrint 3D App, a considerate aide, enables you to choose your favorite model from 9 categories and share your unique design with other 3D printing hobbyists. Preview 3D models and start to print at your finger tips.

Nine categories: 3D printer parts, 3D printing art, 3D printing fashion, 3D printing electronics, 3D printing household, 3D printing hobbies, 3D printing  tools, educational 3D printing, 3D printing toys

Plentiful FREE 3D models in cloud gallery

With these extremely useful features, GiantArm D200 3D printer offers you a pleasant experience with 3D printing. Wi-Fi connectivity, mobile EasyPrint 3D APP, cloud 3D printing solution, the break-resuming capability and filament detector, all these make it possible for you to direct control to your GiantArm D200 via your Smartphone to enjoy pure freedom of printing, either on a journey or out for a short-time reunion with friends. Simple, practical and thoughtful

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Introducing GiantArm D200 cloud 3D printer-part 1 Printing Precision

A cloud 3D printer, GiantArm D200 is engineered to deliver reliable, convenient, professional printing experience for 3D printing aficionados. Print anywhere, anytime.

GiantArm D200 3d printer


The uni-body sturdy laser-cut steel frame makes GiantArm D200 3d printer simple and stable, as well as attractive in appearance, embodying our consistent notion – reliable and professional. The half-opened design of the printer provides you with enough protection, as well as various perspectives to observe the printing process.

Printing precision of  GiantArm D200 3d printer  can be up to 0.05mm.

let’s taka a look at the Printing precision.

GiantArm D200 3d printer

GiantArm D200 3d printer

GiantArm D200 3d printer

GiantArm D200 3d printer

The Giantarm D200 has more excited features, we will share with you next time.

3D printing postgrad course will be offer this September in UK university

Anglia Ruskin has become the first university in the UK to offer a dedicated Additive Manufacturing(3D printing) postgraduate course. The MSc, available to graduates from a range of STEM backgrounds, is being supported by a grant from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

Earlier this month, former Education Secretary Lord Baker called upon Britain to put a 3D printer in every primary school. Although that proposal is unlikely to be realized in the immediate future, 3D printers are being taken very seriously at the other end of the education ladder. Anglia Ruskin, a public university with campuses in Cambridge, Chelmsford, and Peterborough, will this year offer a 1-2 year Additive Manufacturing(3D printing) postgraduate course aimed at engineering and physical sciences graduates. Students enrolled on the course will be able to access workshops and engineering labs which have seen over £2 million of investment over the last three years.

The new course will take place at The Faculty of Science & Technology at Anglia Ruskin’s Chelmsford campus, which boasts a number of additive manufacturing(3D printing) facilities at its MedBIC Innovation Centre. These include desktop and commercial 3D printers, as well as direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) equipment. Students working and researching in the Innovation Centre will be able to design, develop, and test engineering solutions using state-of-the-art design software and printing equipment, and will have access to a range of 3D printing materials, from plastics to high-end metal compounds.

The Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) MSc will teach students theoretical and technical courses, but will also be highly vocational, challenging students to carry out a project within a real business to solve real-world manufacturing problems. The course will therefore equip students with both technical 3D printing skills and first-hand business experience, both of which will help the postgraduate learners with their future careers in additive manufacturing. An understanding of the business and production issues surrounding additive manufacturing will be made paramount, while emphasis will also be placed on the development of problem-solving, critical, analytical, interpersonal, and computational skills.

“Our course, which begins this September, will help students to develop a career in advanced manufacturing engineering, or improve their skills if they are already working in the industry,” said Dr Habtom Mebrahtu, Deputy Head of Engineering and the Built Environment at Anglia Ruskin and Course Leader for the MSc in Additive Manufacturing(3D printing) . “Students may want to work as a production or research engineer, mechanical designer, or technical lead working directly in engineering and design, or use this degree as a step towards a career in operations, project management, or consultancy.”

The course will cover a range of topics, including 3D CAD modeling, business strategy, and engineering management, and will teach students to produce functional 3D printed products and prototypes for use in the biomedical and aviation sectors, amongst others. Students can choose to take the course in one year (full time) or two years (part time), at a total cost of £7,100 (UK/EU) or £11,700 (international).

Core Modules of Anglia Ruskin’s Additive Manufacturing(3D printing) MSc:

  • 3D CAD and Digital Techniques
  • Additive Manufacturing(3D printing) Strategy
  • Computer Aided Engineering Analysis
  • Innovative Product Design and Manufacture
  • Engineering Management Systems
  • Post Processing of Additive Manufactured (AM) products
  • Industrially Based Project

To help get the new Additive Manufacturing(3D printing) program off the ground, Anglia Ruskin received funding from HEFCE as part of a pilot scheme to promote engineering and computer science conversion courses.

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3D printing is many things, and one of them, much like the Internet, is a generational marker. Today’s kids are growing up with 3D printing in their classrooms, and by the time they reach the workforce, I imagine it’ll be second nature to them – again, much like the Internet. However, 3D printing is becoming ubiquitous in the workforce now, and many of the current generation of professionals are faced with learning a brand new skill, one they may just have heard of for the first time a year ago. It can be a bit daunting to say the least, but thankfully that learning doesn’t have to be on the job, under pressure – there are plenty of 3D printing courses out there that are open to anyone.

Colorado State University is offering an online Foundations of 3D Printing course open to students and non-students of the school alike. A collaboration between CSU Online and the Idea-2-Product 3D Printing Laboratory, the course is being led by Dr. David Prawel, a mechanical engineering professor and the founder of the Idea-2-Product lab. Dr. Prawel has been working with 3D technology for 36 years and has taught several 3D printing courses at CSU. He believes that the online course can help companies to learn how to implement the technology to its full potential.

Dr. David Prawel works with a student to create a 3D design for a protective helmet liner. [Image: Colorado State University]

Dr. David Prawel works with a student to create a 3D design for a protective helmet liner. [Image: Colorado State University]

“We think we can reach so many more people and help so many more people get up to speed on this technology by making it available in a much easier-to-consume format…It’s not hands-on, of course, but it offers a lot of detail about what it takes to do 3D printing, the software tools required, and the major types of machines out there,” Dr. Prawel said.

The course is offered as four modules: Basic Principles I, Basic Principles II, Additive Processing I, and Additive Processing II. For each course completed, participants will earn a digital badge that can be added to résumés or LinkedIn profiles; completion of all four modules will result in a Mastery Badge, which is intended to show employers that the participant possesses full competency in the technology.

As 3D printing becomes more of a presence in many industries, proof of fluency in the technology can be a significant advantage in the workforce. Each module is a week long and can be taken at your convenience; tuition for Basic Principles I and II is $165 each. Additive Processing I and II cost $185 each. For the entire “Mastery Bundle,” the cost is $650.

“Rather than being thrown a whole full-semester class, you meander through all the different modules and assemble your own class, and your own expertise level according to the types of technology that best fit your organization,” said Dr. Prawel.

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Stratasys Breakthrough PolyJet 3D-Printer Produces Full Color, Multi-Material Parts

3D printing

Stratasys has  launched its J750 machine that can make rubber and plastic products with a variety of characteristics in full color and in a single print. The new 3D printer is based on polyjet technology that promises to cut the current 3D printing time by half and uses a wider range of materials than previously available, said Andy Middleton, head of Stratasys Europe.
The breakthrough comes as 3D printing is moving into the industrial mainstream. Aerospace and defence companies are using 3D printed parts both in plastics and metals. The Stratasys machine will be used for making prototypes, a key stage in the industrial process. While the plastics materials are not yet stable enough to make the final product, that is the ultimate “dream”, Mr Middleton said.

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Over 500 Universities Participating in 3D Hubs Student Discount Program

3D printing

3D Hubs has launched their new “Student Program” aimed at making additive manufacturing technologies more accessible to college students by lowering the actual cost of 3D printing. 3D Hubs will be offering a 25% discount to students on all their 3D prints ordered through the network.
Over 500 universities worldwide are participating with 3D Hubs for their student discount program. Students can discover if they are eligible for the 3D Hubs 25% 3D printing discount by entering their university email addresses into 3D Hubs’ website and waiting for a confirmation email. The 25% discount will be added automatically to any order you made through 3D Hubs’ student website.

—The article is from INSIDE 3D PRINTING