weekend specials on wk31

    Today is the Chinese” Valentine’s Day’, Double Seventh Festival. Have you ever heared about it? it is has becone one of the most important festivel amoung the young in China. […]

Holiday Notice: Dragon Boat Festival

Dear Friends and colleagues, Happy Dragon Boat Festival. Geeetech staff will have a three – day vocation from May.31 to Jun.2, and we will come back on Tuesday –Jun.3, 2014. […]

5.1 Special Offers

Hi friend, Happy Labor Day! There is good news for you. We will have special offers for Labor Day! The validity date is from May.1 to May.3.  So you will […]

Holiday Notice:International Labor Day

Dear customers and colleagues, From May 1 to May 3, Geeetech staff will be on holiday to Labor Day, the annual holiday celebrated all over the world, and will resume […]