Geeetch Announces The Education-based 3D Printer E180 Launching Soon on Kickstarter for $199!!

3D printing technology is a boon to facilitate the development of STEAM education, as testified by unlimited successful teaching cases worldwide. Geeetech, a Shenzhen based 3D printer manufacturer, is gearing up to launch a crowdfunding campaign for its new education-based 3D printer, E180, priced at $199, 33% off its retail price.

GEEETECH E180 3D printer for kids

GEEETECH E180 3D printer for kids

The aim of this Kickstarter funding is to encourage more and more like-minded friends to bring this enlightening technology to children and the classroom. Through hands-on play, children could grow up with confidence, perseverance, and systematic goal-completion competence and prepare themselves for future career planning.

Engineered to be affordable and reliable, E180 comes fully assembled and exquisitely crafted, with its black and white color combination imparting a touch of simplicity and elegance. Its necessary components, such as motors, fans, power supply units, control board and wires, are entirely enclosed in the frame, ensuring that this tiny device fits to the classroom and your home in great harmony. Besides, using PLA filament, a kind of safe and environment-friendly printing materials, adds to the security coefficient of E180.

GEEETECH E180 3D printer for kids

GEEETECH E180 3D printer for kids

What sets E180 apart from other congeneric products are its practical and convenient features. This new machine is characterized with a 3.2″ full-color touch screen, break-resuming capability, Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud 3D printing solution, EasyPrint 3D App and its self-developed printing and control software EasyPrint 3D. All these functions are iterated for many times, for the purpose of rendering E180 easy-to-manage and suitable for teaching and learning.

With the vision of making children more enthusiastic about science, technology, engineering, art and math by employing 3D printing technology, Geeetch’s crowdfunding for E180, such a considerate learning aide and cost-efficient option for kids, will start soon. Please invest your own effort to bring this funding campaign to life~ Children’s education is in need of YOU! Check the Kickstarter page.

Here is a video of the new printer in action. We are looking forward to getting our hands on one to test and review and to use it benefit stem education programs in our area.


2017 Happy Chinese Lunar New Year

In the Chinese lunar calendar, Year 2017 is the year of the rooster – a very proud and confident bird that carries itself with dignity. May all this necessary qualities help you to emerge victorious every time!
We are at the ending point of this year, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support in 2016.May you continue to trust and rely on our Company in the comming years.

new year coupon

New Year Coupon Code:   XIN NIAN KUAI LE

Kindly be informed that due to the Spring Festival (Chinese Lunar New Year), we will have the holiday from Jan. 26th to Feb.5th.
The shipping will be suspended from Jan. 23th to Feb 5th. Orders placed during this time will be arranged from Feb. 6th.

For tech support, make sure you have read through our user manuals. Or you can download this trouble-shooting guide to check the solutions.

For video tutorials, please visit our YouTube

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience during this time.

Xin nian kuai le

Crazyflie Control Client APK Avainable now

Finnaly, the Crazyflie Control Client  APK  is avainable now, help yourself download.



Click the picture to download

Package Name : se.bitcraze.crazyfliecontrol2

Category : Entertainment

Developer : Bitcraze

Version : 0.3

Last Update : January 6, 2015

Size : 175k

Rate : 4/5 (11)

Installs : 500 – 1,000

Requires Android : 3.2 and up

Content Rating : Everyone

Developer : Visit Website Email

Description : Control your Crazyflie quadcopter from your Android device.

Connect to Crazyflie 2.0 using Bluetooth low energy and both the original Crazyflie and Crazyflie 2.0 using the USB Crazyradio dongle connected with a USB OTG cable.


– Control Crazyflie and Crazyflie 2.0 using Crazyradio on a USB OTG compatible device

– Control Crazyflie 2.0 using Bluetooth LE 4.0

– Control mode configurable

– Control sensitivity configurable

– Axis and button mapping configurable (only for game pad)

– Control Crazyflie using touch controls

– Control Crazyflie using game pad (connected via USB or Bluetooth)

– Control Crazyflie using the device’s gyroscope
Please note:

This app is designed to control Crazyflie and Crazyflie 2.0. It requires either a Crazyradio, Crazyradio PA or a Bluetooth LE 4.0 compatible device running Android 4.4+. Only Crazyflie 2.0 can be controlled with Bluetooth LE.

Distributors for Crazyflie and Crazyradio can be found on our distributor list:

This app is using JoystickView Widget from mobile-anarchy-widgets


This app is open source, licensed under GPLv3. Source code is available on GitHub:

Contributions are welcome!

Tentative list for First Round of Xmas Specials

7 days left for the big Xmas sale, and the tentative list of first round specials are released today, check the list and see if your idea items are here.

Again, don’t forget to invite your friends to vote for you. OK, here is the list.

1,Acrylic  Prusa Mendel I3


2,Rumba- the latest 3D printer controll board


3,RAMPS 1.4 


4,Iduino MEGA2560 R3


5, Melzi V2.0


6,Sanguinololu Rev 1.3a


7, DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver


8, Sanguinololu kit


9,Rumba kit

rumba kit_meitu_2


10, Metal  Long-distance j-head V2.0 with cable & cooling fan

j-head V2.0_meitu_2


11, Metal long-distance J-head with cooling fan & Cartridge heater

metal jhead 2.0 with fan _meitu_3


12, Metal short-distance J-head with cooling fan & Cartridge heater

short j-head with fan _meitu_4


13,Metal long-distance J-head with Cartridge heater & PTFE tube

long distance j head_meitu_5_meitu_7


14,Assembled peek J-Head Hot End long-distance with cable

j-head long_meitu_7


15,PTFE Tube for 1.75/3mm Filament



16, Reprap LCD12864 



That’ s all,  it is not settled yet, you can still vote for it.

Last day offer


Hi, friends, how is your weekend? Last week, I have posted the first two waves of special offers for the national holiday sale, have you read it and bookmarked the one you like. Now, I will present you the third wave offers, check them and don’t miss out. 

1,Unassembled-Full kit for Prusa Mendel I2(iteration 2)


2,Assembled JIETAI GT9S Extruder


3, Assembled JIETAI GT8L Extruder


4, Assembled JIETAI GT7S Extruder


5, Assembled JIETAI GT6 Extruder


6, 10pcs 100Kohm NTC Thermistors


7, 1m GT2 belt


8, Cooler Axial Fan 12V 30x30mm


9, Mechanical End Stop Endstop Switch Module V1.2


10, Reprap Ramps1.4 RRD Fan Extender

fan exp_meitu_9

11, Cubietruck(Cubieboard 3) standard package

cubietruck 1_meitu_7

12, Voice Recognition Module kit


13, Arduino MP3 shield board with TF card


14, Iduino Nano V3 ATMEGA328

Iduino Nano V3 ATMEGA328_meitu_4

That’s all for Oct,3

So far, all the items will be on sale have been published. Note that, Geeetech staff will be on our National day’s vocation, all the orders placed during this time will be processed after we come back, and it won’t be long. Of cause, you can still try to contact us if you have something emergency. Ok, see you then, I will be back soon. 

Steals for Oct,1st


Hi, there, the items to join the national day sale have come out. As I’ve told you yesterday, our big sale will last for three days and we will offer different items for each day. That is to say, the items will only on sale for 24 hours. So you’d better not miss them out.

Check the list now and bookmark the one you like. More stock, less spend.

1, Unassembled-Full kit for Prusa Mendel I3 (iteration 3)I3_meitu_2

2,Metal short-distance J-head with cable for bowden extruder


3,Metal short-distance J-head with cable for bowden extruder


4,Peek J-Head long-distance with Cartridge heater & PTFE tube



6,12V 30W Cartridge Wire Heater


7,Budaschnozzle 2.0 PTFE Tube for 1.75/3mm Filament


8,1m PTFE Tubing for J-head hotend


9,Round PCB heatbed for Delta Rostock mini


10,MK2a heated bed Prusa soldered resistor&LEDs for Reprap, Mendel


11,Reprap Hot End V2.0 with 0.35mm & 0.4mm nozzle


12,Metal JIETAI Long-distance j-head V2.0 with cable & cooling fan

j-head V2.0

13,Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter Kit 10-DOF with Crazyradio


14,10pcs 100Kohm NTC Thermistors for heated bed


That’s all for Oct,1. Have you found the items you are looking for? Add it to your bookmark and stay tuned at our site on Oct,1.  tomorrow we will continue to post the steals for Oct,2.

Breakout give-away! Free shipping!

首页海报 8-26


    Summer is coming to the end, heat is dissipating gradually, but our passion for creation will never cool down, so does our love and compassion for our customers. As I have told you the weekend specials have gone; new special offers will come soon. From today on, you will enjoy an unexpected benefit and privilege that Geeetech fans deserve. The items in the specials section are ALL FREE. You can pick any of them as long as you spend a minimum of $15. By such analogy, you can get 8 items free for $100. The more you spend, the more you get.  Detailed information, please refer to the form below.



    During your check-out process, you can leave a massage in the special instructions box about which items you want, we will ship them for you together with the items you order. You can pretty much rest assured that all the special offers are free shipping. That is, you don’t have to pay extra shipping fee for the give-aways.

Such a good opportunity is not there every day, what are you waiting for, let’s snap it up!

A Farewell to Weekend Specials



You could take that as good news or bad news. Weekend special is going to the end this week. In the past 2 years, you may be in momentary expectation of the arrival of weekend; will you feel a bit lost next week? Fear not, we will launch some new activities to give reward to our loyal customers, hope you like it. In Geeetech, you will always get something deserves your purchase. Now that it is the end of weekend specials, enjoy it now. let‘s have a boisterous farewell to weekend special and relive those great moments it brought to you. 

The following are the last batch of  items we choose for you.

1,Unassembled-Full kit for JIETAI Delta Rostock mini

rostock mini

2,RepRap Sanguinololu Rev 1.3a assembled


3,RepRap Megatronics V2.0 board


4,Assembled peek short-distance J-Head Hot End with cable


5,Peek J-Head long-distance with Cartridge heater & PTFE tube


6,Metal long-distance J-head with cooling fan & Cartridge heater


7,1m PTFE Tubing for J-head hotend


8,StepStick DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier Reprap 4layer PCB


9,RAMPS 1.4, Iduino Mega 2560,A4988,LCD,SD Ramps,Cooler fan ect.


10,Reprap LCD12864 Graphic Matrix Display Module


11,12V 30W Cartridge Wire Heater Heating wire


12,Metal short-distance J-head with cable for bowden extruder


13,New Iduino MEGA2560 R3 ATMEGA8U2 development board


14,StepStick A4988 Stepper Driver Module


15,1m GT2 belt (sold by meter)


let’s review the rules for the last time.

1. All the specials issued are only for registered customers, so please first before add them to your cart and then place the order.

2. No more than 5pcs for each special item of one order every week, (this quantity should meet you demand unless you are a reseller). once your purchase quantity  is more than 5pcs, we will refuse to make the delivery, this is very important, please kindly be informed.

3. All the items issued on SOW (Specials On Weekend) are under the same After-Sale Service, all the problems you meet during your usage, you can fell freely to contact our tech team via email or Forum.

4. All the orders from SOW, will be deilivered via air post service (No express) which means it will take a little time to arrive your hand, so please keep patient to wait several days.

5. Coupon can’t be used in conjunction with this activity–Weekend Specials. Once you do and make your order,we won’t deliver and the coupon will be invalid.

6. Weekend Special products shall become effective after the order you make successfully.Pay attention to our website if you miss this specials time,we may post it again next time.

Good-bye and good luck!