Now you can 3D print your models in multi-color!

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It was only a matter of time before 3D printing an entire multi-colored object would be possible so here we are! Thanks to the latest innovations in the 3D printing industry you won’t have to limit yourself to printing only in one color OR spending hours trying to perfectly paint and detail your 3D print.

3D printing in Multicolor is no longer just a dream!

Thanks to i.materialise and their new technology- Multicolor+ you can now print your entire object in multi color using a rainbow of colors which blend together beautifully.

The technology uses a full-color 3D UV inkjet printer, combining both 2D and 3D printing, and uses UV-curable inks that are hardened with UV light. This results in prints which are much stronger and also vivid and bright in color.

What’s even better? There are up to 10million different colors to choose from!

It’s no surprise that the advanced Multicolor+ has replaced its predecessor- Multicolor since the new material gives us vibrant colored prints with more detail. Developed by 2D color and inkjet technology leader Mimaki Japan, the Multicolor+ is available for all to use and you can let your creativity flow like never before!

It’s high precision and fine details make it perfect for 3D printing figurines, avatars, and other intricate models

How does it work?

The process of multicolor printing includes applying layer upon layer of curable ink on top of each other until the desired design is complete.

The print model itself is surrounded by support material, which means you don’t need extra support for overhangs and other thin parts. And since a water-soluble support material like PVA is used, the supports come off easily.

Pretty cool, right? Take a look at how the Multicolor+ technology works:

Features of Multicolor+

-Since the material itself is stronger, the 3D prints can have thinner walls and intricate designs will work well. Just be sure to keep a minimum wall thickness of at least 1.5 mm and add at least two escape holes if you decide to make the walls any thinner.

-To print in multicolor, you can either upload a file that already includes the textures (e.g. 3MF, colored STL, VRML, SKP, X3D, and DAE) or a ZIP file containing all the necessary color information (e.g. an OBJ file with a texture map and an MTL file).

-Want to print interlocking parts? The Multicolor+ can do it for you. You can even 3D print a chain as long as you keep a minimum space of 0.5mm between the interlocking print surfaces. This makes it easier to remove the support material, so be sure to leave enough space.

-Apart from improved and vivid colors, Multicolor+ offers a better surface quality and smoother prints which are water-resistant.

-The maximum size for Multicolor+ 3D prints is 150 x 150 x 150 mm.

All in all, Multicolor+ definitely breathes a new life into your 3D models without the struggle of changing filaments or other post-processing methods. And it doesn’t stop there. Along with multi color we even have Multi-Material 3D printing where you can simultaneously print with more than one filament.

We’re excited to see what other surprises 3D printing has in store for the future!