Top 10 3D Printed Ideas Perfect For All Rick And Morty Fans!

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One of the best joys of 3D Printing is creating all your favorite T.V characters right at home and sharing your creations with the 3D printing community! You can even go one step further and customise your characters as you like since 3D printing has no limits when it comes to creativity.

As lovers of the famous Rick and Morty show, we began our search to find the Top 10 3D printables that you just can’t skip out on if you’re a diehard fan. The wait for Season 4 of Rick and Morty is going to be a long one so why not make the most of the time and print these awesome designs? Take a look-

Rick Sanchez Mask

You simply can’t get Schwifty without Rick Sanchez but since we can’t have the real thing, we 3D printed his mask instead. Designed by easilyused, this mask is perfect for cosplay, Halloween or simply as a decoration that everyone will be talking about. You’ll have to individually print and assemble the parts but we promise it’s well worth it! Find it here.

Portal Gun

Want to travel to infinite realities and dimensions? Then you’ll have to print Rick’s Portal gun to get going! This 3D printed portal gun even lights up green so it almost feels like you’ll be stepping on a crazy new planet soon. You can find all the printing instructions as well as directions to make it light up, here, thanks to creator Intentional3D.


Flaunt your love for the most iconic duo by 3D printing them so they’ll always be by your side. Designed by ChaosCoreTech, these figurines are intricately detailed and you’ll need to paint and assemble them carefully. However once finished, they sure do look like a masterpiece. Find the design here.

Mr. Meeseeks and Meeseeks Box 

We were first introduced to Mr. Meeseeks in the episode “Meeseeks and Destroy” and these chirpy blue creatures definitely stole our hearts (even when they went a bit cray-cray.)

And though we may not have the famous Meeseeks box out of which they appear, we can definitely print both. Make your very own  Mr. Meeseeks as well as Meeseeks Box that even lights up!

Pickle Rick

It’s Pickle Rickkkkkk! No Rick and Morty list would be complete without our favorite Pickle Rick and if you’re still wondering why Rick is a pickle then go watch the series right now because you’re missing out on some amazing stuff.

Designed by MosaicManufacturing the detailing on this print really makes us feel as though we’re holding Rick in our very hands. Available on Thingiverse you can get the print instructions here.

Pass the Butter Robot

Why opt for a regular robot when you can print one with an existential crisis? We first saw Rick create this sentient robot with the sole purpose of passing butter but he soon began to question what his purpose in life was. We can relate!

The 3D printer version looks just as cute and though it won’t pass the butter, you can use it as a handy pen stand maybe? Designed by ljblk you can find it here.

Rick’s Laser Gun

It’s dangerous to embark upon your crazy adventures without the handy laser gun! Use it to blast away at enemies or simply mount it as a decoration, whichever you prefer. You can print the parts in different colors or paint them and assemble it all together. Get the STL files and instructions here.

Mr. Poopy Butthole

OOOhh weee! Now you can print your own Mr. Poopy Butthole but please don’t shoot him! First printed by The 3D Printing Guy, you can find the STL files here and make your own peppy friend to motivate you from your work desk!

Rick and Morty Logo

Nothing screams “I love this TV Show” more than 3D printing its logo and that’s exactly what we plan on doing! Easy to print, you can find the design here and get painting!

Council of Ricks Badge

As you know, the Council of Ricks is a special society of Ricks that was formed maintain the order of the universe and prevent rogue Ricks from doing any serious harm. Not everyone can be Rick Sanchez but we can sure print out this nifty Council of Ricks badge and be a part of the Council too. This design is a remix of the original and even has a magnetic back. Check it out here.

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