Introducing GiantArm D200 cloud 3D printer-part 3 Newly designed extruder

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Hi guys, last week, we have introduced the printing procession and the smart cloud printing solution of GiantArm D200 cloud 3D printer. Let’s continue with more features.

Modularized Extruder of GiantArm D200 3D printer

Another exciting feature on this GiantArm D200 3D printer is the 1:3 reduction extruder.With first grade reduction gear wheel, the torque of the newly designed extruder is 2 times higher than conventional extruders, guarantees stable and smooth extruding, delivering high printing quality.

Modularized Extruder of GiantArm D200 3D printer


The modularized design also brings you unbeatable ease to change the hotend which is in slide connection with the coldend. Now with a little slide, you can assemble /disassemble the hotend like a breeze.

Modularized Extruder of GiantArm D200 3D printer

The detachable hotend is available in different nozzle size: 0.35mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm. You can choose the suitable nozzle size according to your printing need.

hotend of GiantArm D200 3D printer

hotend of GiantArm D200 3D printer

Based on the pipe design principle, the seamless joint between the feed inlet port and the barrel renders the feeding process easier and extrusion smoother.

Altogether, the modular design of extruder could also be appraised as a stellar feature of GiantArm D200.

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Stay tuned for more introduction of GiantArm D200 3d printer!