Call to Vote for Christmas Big Deals

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Ho,ho,ho. 7 days left for the first round of Christmas big sale, since the vote channel opened, many people have come to vote for their loved items. That is a good thing to let us hear your voice, and that is what we advocate as holiday a better way. To make sure your voted items get on the list, you may as well ask your friend to back you up. Just hare the links on your facebook or twitter, let them know which on you are in. It takes just a matter of clicks to ensure you get your best Christmas deals.

Well, to let you have a good idea of the everyday progress of rank, I will keep updating on our facebook and here, so you can take actions.

so far, the top 10 voted items are :

1, StepStick DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier Reprap 4layer PCB


 2, Sanguinololu Board Reprap LCD2004 controller and adapter

Sanguinololu Board Reprap LCD2004 controller and adapter

3, Assembled Me Creator: mini desktop 3D printer



4, RAMPS 1.4 RepRap Mega Pololu A4988 extend Shield

ramps 1.4

5, Arduino Mega2560


6, Reprap Ramps V1.4 smart 20*4 LCD controllers with adapter

Reprap Rampssmart LCD controller with adapter

7,Yun Shield

Yun Shield

8, Raspberry Pi Model B+


9, Geeetech Rumba +cooler fan +LCD 2004 controller +jumper wire

Geeetech Rumba +cooler fan +LCD 2004 controller +jumper wire..

10, Combinable SMT Components Box

Combinable SMT Components Box

where is your voted ones? come on , do not fall behind. click the links or the pichure to see details. tomorrow, i will update the ranks, stay tuned.